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Your AI-powered portal to find employers that sponsor.

Boost your impact helping international students and grow your business network.

Are your international students frustrated with rejections?

Are you finding it difficult to build networks with employers who are open to sponsoring?


Do you lack resources to assist your international students securing jobs in the US?

“The Sponsorship Struggle”

Revolutionize Your International Student Support

Find sponsors quickly and easily, by occupation, industry, and location.

Grow your business network (think: larger job fairs, more contacts).


Save time aiding international students.


Boost your school enrollment with more international students.


Earn “rockstar” status among international students.

We guarantee more international students sponsored, or your money back.

How it Works

1. Subscribe and Select Purchase your subscription and set your preferred geographic scope.

2. Discover Sponsors
Find potential sponsors by filtering jobs that align with students' aspirations.

3. Engage and Empower Initiate contact with employers yourself or equip students with curated lists.

What Data Is Included?

Employer Profile:

Name, industry, location, employer representative contact details, and preferred attorney information.

Sponsorship History:

International hire count, dates, job titles/occupations, entry-level roles, wages, minimum education requirements, nationalities, and experience rating applying for work visas.

Engagement Score:

An "Engagement Potential" score to help you prioritize your employer networking-building activities.

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What Are International Students Saying? 

SponsorMyStudents student testimonial 1

Guillermo Casique

This portal is a must have for anyone helping  international students find work in the US. I wasted a lot of time applying for jobs at companies that didn't hire foreigners, but thanks to my career advisor and this tool, now I know where to focus my time and energy.

SponsorMyStudents student testimonial 2

Antoni Akkerman

Every time I found a job that matched my career goals, I learned I had to be a permanent resident or a citizen to apply. With the help I received from my school's Career Development Office, I have a clear way to identify the businesses are more willing to hire me.

SponsorMyStudents student testimonial 3

Paula Villagomez

Sponsorship is a big problem for us. Seeing which companies are willing to do sponsorships is extremely useful.

Be the Hero: Find Visa Sponsors for Your Students

Every year, most of your international students on OPT face the heartbreaking need to leave the country because they can’t secure a sponsor.
This highlights an opportunity for your career development office to improve their outcomes.
At SponsorMyStudents we know you are the kind of person who wants to be the
best resource for international students seeking employment in the US. In order to be that way, you need to be able to connect them with employers that are known to sponsor work visas.
The problem is that information about sponsors is not readily available, which makes you feel unprepared to offer substantial support to international students.
We believe that career development professionals should not have to feel this way.
You deserve to have the tools you need to help international students.
That’s why we created SponsorMyStudents – a portal that helps you easily and quickly identify and connect with employers who are willing to sponsor.
Here’s how it works: First, you purchase your subscription and then set your preferred geographic scope to tailor your searches. Second, you effortlessly find potential sponsors by filtering according to the job types that align with your students' aspirations. Finally, you engage employers. You can choose to directly initiate contact with employers yourself or equip your students with a curated list of companies that are ready to sponsor.
So, subscribe to SponsorMyStudents today. That way you can stop feeling ill-equipped to help international students and
start connecting them with potential sponsors.

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